goodbay old bag, hello new bag

my favourtie (because of size) brown bottega veneta like bag was broken, I had it from many, many months...I was very unhappy;-(
but I changed it for new one, in the same store (good reclamation conditions).
Now I have "real leather" python like bag (I looked over this almost a year) in very interesting colour grey/khaki. Match witch everything;-)
It's first leather bag in my life...not plastic, not funny but ordinary, almost classic bag

peacok dress hm...it was worthed to buy it
lace 50 dress, also...
and my old bag, companion in every store

first shooting for blog on ae vintage store blog
we woman are unfaithful, realy
I realise that I never done any post with old one, so...today when is gone I did;-)

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  1. love the grey bag. i have a grey clutch that i wear with everything