gold match

vintage stripes dress & hm sequin vest
and bershka sequin grey blouse
sequins are all over;-))
my fav divided exclusive lace bomber jakiet

no time, no time, rush, rain...
but let the light come in
lately I wear lot of shinny things : my new waistcoat from hm (long time waiting for sale!)
stripes, grey nail coat, black socks
I feel strong connection with black & white outfit
and I'm happy with it!


rainy days

eat some sweetswear black
some hearts could help
my spy eye in topshop

fav t-shirt could help too
black&white combination with a bit simplcity
I'm not oryginal but I want this silver hunters!

yes, thats helps me, could helps you too?


ae vintage store gossip acc

bows for me never enough!
this is my favourite thing in this collection
flower clip
GOSSIP accessories

japanise girls knows that acc could be the clue
w AE Vintage Store pojawiła się obok projektów autorskich biżuteria gossip
wybrałam dla siebie szaliczek, który kojarzy mi się oczywiście z Japonią i bedzie genialny do szarego, męskiego t-shirtu
chociaż powinnam z założenia wybrać kokardę

just bow it!

I think I must lived in Japan...
my past life :-)



collection of glasses
Now I prefer black winged one
and classic black wayferer

it could change your look completely

garance dorebut now I dreming about this one

totally crazy about

this one! beauty!
anna sui
jill sander

from pixi market
military or not, I wear it all the time, and still I'm looking for grey, short, small one
happy hunting



new black bow from c&a
only Ray Bans!
vintage gold ballet pumps alligator like
I should trouhght it away, but I cant, from years

citi signs

birdy in pale pink
unicorn in blue
I love You.
clouds in the middle of city
shadows always with you
moments - the life is full of it
my fav time spending
today I recived a flower
...from faraway from the city