junky home

I love funny apartaments
boxes & micky
the same! find at camila's blog today-happy <3
camila engman home & moran-my favourite blog, dog I mean ;-)
homy sunday
again belt
star-miror-purpouse , destination?
I don't know;-)
order on my desc;-)) always it is, it's look like lady's desc;-)
when you create


baby knight

super big shoulders coat, I really look like knight;-))
where is the horseman?

numph big shoulders coat
baggy pants -stradivalius
yellow socks
grey laquer shoes-marisha
lether bag GC

favourite lace blouse from flea market
fovourite fake LV wallet;-)
heart neckless GC

and nice inside of coat;-) preperation for autumn



fornarina stripe blouse- ae vintage store
(Eva it's wonderfull gift!)

ostrich vinatge cluch-vintage market
lace highwaist skirt- hm
vinatge branclet
vinatge shoes from flea market
leopard thights- hm (my musthave)
something for you for autumn

That fornarina sripe blouse waited so long to show up.
We had warm summer. So thanks Eve from AE it's my new favourite pice:-) and don't forget-green & black they are most wanted colours for this sezon. Go for it! And buy a nail polish in mat green;-)
...and how do you like me new hairdo?


shy ? don't be!

yes that's cool...
I love that black dots dress or skirt;-)
just lovly...
going for the party?
cat's girl and her belt;-)
be glomourus!
find inspiration in your's best girlfriend's closet
I could, even now, dressed like this and go for the party!

more fun on wonderfull new blog: show me your wardrobe
thank you Owieczko for that link...mrr, mrr, mrrr

and myself following this ;-)

goodbay old bag, hello new bag

my favourtie (because of size) brown bottega veneta like bag was broken, I had it from many, many months...I was very unhappy;-(
but I changed it for new one, in the same store (good reclamation conditions).
Now I have "real leather" python like bag (I looked over this almost a year) in very interesting colour grey/khaki. Match witch everything;-)
It's first leather bag in my life...not plastic, not funny but ordinary, almost classic bag

peacok dress hm...it was worthed to buy it
lace 50 dress, also...
and my old bag, companion in every store

first shooting for blog on ae vintage store blog
we woman are unfaithful, realy
I realise that I never done any post with old one, so...today when is gone I did;-)


few inspiring girlfriends...

beatifully join jeans, flower motivs and litlle leather vintage bag,
look for bransolets-adorable, that girl know what's going on!

grey blenched motobike jacket & bag for colour

some trends in shoes: cowboy shoes & check we want them now!
hunters & dots
and colourfull socks-look at the thights!

most beutifull belt I have ever seen...
vintage belt wings like+big shirt and cowboy shoes+stella mc cartney blouse...yummy!

that girl loves pins!

in the night must be litlle wormer-we choose big sweaters, parkas, trousers

so inspiring...Truskawa, Annie, Klaudia...and many girl names I don't know...please girls do the blogs!...always when I look at you I feel so inspired ;-))) we must meet more offten!
Thank you my lovly


summer split

ostatnie zdjęcia z letnich wakacji...
wycinanki...jedyne i na zawsze-świetny element dekoracji
wycinanki były elementem wystroju letniego baru na świeżym powietrzu

nie mogłam odrzucić żadnego z tych zdjęć;-)) więc jest ich tak dużo

trzeba mieć tylko ostre nożyczki;-))

bar wyglądał pięknie

zdjęcia nowym canonem EOS 450 D
i tyle radości

i jeszcze zestaw ulubiony na wakacje nieśmiertelna latte+ciastko...nie wiem ile było tych kaw? wiele;-)
oraz nowy ukochany kubek z matrioszką-wspaniały prezent od przemiłej osoby

ciężko było wyjechać...było fajnie Owieczko;-)))