new baby

my new MacBook
vintage blue harts tablecloth;-))
hart box-gift from superboyfriend
a bar from journey
I'm not oryginal-I love mac computers from...ever, that design...mmm
plastic is fantastic.
it looks like nice piece of soap and it's realy fast, my new beauty thing;-)), I'm envy to myself already;-))
and my new tablecloth-I love home things from 50', now in vintage shops they are cheap&chick


from the first sight

Karl the greatest
I love his bag-I want the same !!!
po prostu chanel...nie można nie kochać tej marki
just chanel perfect & pure love
short walk around hm store-and I'm die if I'm not buy this wonderfull sequin waistcoat....och
I also love big pearls neckles, and gold metalic balls one, great!

this jacket...realy nice-it looks confortable, and you could wear it with almost everything.
I like hm very much;-)) collection for this fall is really good

but... we can't going crazy...


recent happy buys

happy buys
kookai ruffle blouse 2 zł
dots pin 1,5 zł
shoot me!
no photographer;-(((
but you can see-my new pin & old jacket
london, place of inspiration
especially big sequins blaser!!! love it!



golden vintage blouse- fav nr.1 from many years
multi patern skirt-dress
calzedonia tights

marisha weigh shoes
plastic brown earing
all photos by Justine;-))
golden vintage blouse
bow branclet
vintage leather bag

I can't desided witch blouse should I wear - I chose first set ;-))

closet inspection

new street fav
especially: the jacket;-)) and combination of plastic shoes & tights
vintage purple blouse AE vintage store
vintage flea market showls: gucci like, leopard
marisha lether sandals
old vinatge necklace with green eye
vintage golden beige leafs bag
vintage golden lace blouse
vintage silk roses motive blouse
zip black dress
astonishing necklace
leopard vinatge branclet

This are things I wear offten lately+ black pants+black skirt = me.


she's great

my new 80'numph dress
all photos by Justine;-))))

rubber diamond ring-I love it, it's great joke!
red electric watch
troll branclet & bag
allegro glasses

my lovly Anna Piagi
the satorialist

she's always is the best really!!! Dots & this jakiet;-))

little owl drawing by me;-)) for my superboyfriend



a few pice of colour glass
it was my favourite chilhood play- kaleidoscope
I must buy it one now
nothing is like you see it- litlle move, things change
beige pleated coat witch I buy for my friend;-)) It couldn't be unnoticed
An old lady wanted to grab it from my hand
I just love go and watch new stuff, I don't need to buy it. It just serching for fun and practice.
Last week things I dont buy:
jeans studded jaket from 80', big white leather eagle coat from 80', happy laughing lady jacket inverse;-))
I love find such a thing. Also I found blenched shorts from 80'. I had 80'day.
And I started have an obsession about grey numph coat, I think I'll buy it soon.
I bought one dress-of course 80'like-post soon ;-))

new marisha pierrot shoes
optical illusion, it seems to we are close to autumn now.


lollipop's summer

hand made lollipops
perfect combination!
I like funny shadows
last, quick sunday trip
summer feats & my diy button tee


by heart

heart brancelet cold "solniczka"
favourite cubus showl
numph denim skirt
ae vintage store bow oversize blouse (thank's Ann;-))
flea market shoes

nothing special really...just ordinary outfit, when I have ordinary day. But...the bows are great:-))

my lately work inspiration:
jazz shoes in peach, silver tights & shirt with big cat- love it!

second: man's shoes-by puma
some dots always needed
beautifull model;-))& my workshop
that girl need this bow ring;-)


new fav

dots & stripes
photos from stylites in bejing, styleclicer
I vote on: red, grey, black and white for autum
what do you think?
mostly I like strange my boyfriend's boots
and still we have summer...;-))
& prune jelly-like always on weekend must be some pancaces;-))