I'm going for my summer vaction now. But soon I will show you some picks from Opener Festival, I hope so ;-)), if I'l have a time to shot some photos.
I wish you great weather, lot of inspiring and mellow-yellow summer.

packing...I never undersand why suitcaseses are always to small - whatever the size is;-))
and when you came back is much worst;-))


happy birthday and new finds

happy birthday!!!! for all people from 24 of june
of course I forgot it;-))

I don't celabrate my birthday

but my friends not :-)
thank's for all gifts
especially by mal for new super work bag
it's the bigest bag I'v ever seen!

and my super boyfriend for my favourite omelette for breakfest
& coffee

and I found escada silk blouse
in a very good price ;-)) 3 zł
nice gift



love this

I love that girl!
and her wall of neckleses
photos from summer teeth

new morning inspirations


stacy sanderson or second life of toys - part 2

second life of toys in my favoutite secondhand shop
that blue bear asked to take him home...;-(

things I want to buy very much:
neon like bracelet
sequin pink dress
lovely dots glasses
leopard croped leggins
all from hm

but indeed I bought that carousel oil burner in body shop ,and I love it!
gives me fun, beautifull blink vibration of dancing light and that wonderfull scent, even my boyfriend like it;-)) and I paid only 19zł - sale!

and it strange- that day I have neon yellow socks on me , it's always like that ;-( everything match ;-)) and you must buy that thing immediately


pixie market & looking for new haircut

I love this love this!!!
great style, simpicity, colours, shape
I wish look that way....:-))
only once!

that new model is amazing!
of course with brown hair;-) I mean
I love her haircut

I want them all....!

and new inspiration about hair-extreme haircut is my style;-))
I think soon...I do that,( but not blonde;-)))
and great jacket isin't it?....


tokyo love

you could mix everything with everything

style-arena my fashion most inportant lookbook

the way you look is just your own idea for today
that's good information ;-))

mix vinatge with brands- that I like most
sources of those photos:
ae vintage store,
topshop website,
pixie market
hm advertisement

sally-jane blog


it's time to say goodbye

bow japanise asimetric t-shirt
hm leopard leginns
numph waistcoat
black wayferer glasses

numph black sequin waistcoat
atmosphere black big dress
hm leopard leggins
bershka white laquer shoes
vm leopard bracelet
pink wayfarer glasses

it's only this time I have that waistcoat on me;-))
and will not iron! ;-))
mam ją pierwszy i jedyny raz na sobie;-))
i nie mam zamiaru nic prasować!;-)


vint magazine

nowy magazyn wirtualny o modzie vintage, znajdziecie tam ciekawych polskich projektantów (plastikowy!, bogna hamryszczak, monika kłak).
ja znalazłam plastikowe jelonki, indian i świetną szatę graficzną
jestem za!
czytajcie vint tutaj


new items in the blackbow shop- glassmania

guy laroche glasses 59 zł-sold
violet squere glasses 19,90 zł
amber xl glasses 19.90 zł-sold
numph bolero 39 zł-sold
doll tunic 29 zł
plastic chain 15,90 zł
pink bow tunic 19 zł
lv bag 29,90 zł

maybe you like something? You could buy it here.


I love his works from ever
Nacht always is my inspiration
it's a kind of love

I like this picture very much because of this girl.
she looks like m
e realy
she even got the same smile

if I ever will paint-only in that way


think pink

vintage sequin blouse
bershka harem pants
pink wayferer glasses
hm lace blouse
troll laquer bag
marisha laquer shoes
bershka grey bracelet

pink iPhone
pink acc
pink shampoo
pink wine
pink key doll
hm... what to do?

magic rainbow



brooch by plastikowy

oszalałam-wszystko o czym marze w modzie-wielkie kokardy, kropki plastik, szary i różowy kolor, ilustracja;-)) piękna konstrukcja ubrań
to jest tu i jest w Polsce -dzięki Plastikowy i dzięki Pani Mruk! Nie wiem czy się nie zakochałam;-))
przy okazji bardzo się cieszę, że Jakubowa jest znowu z nami-prowadzi mój ulubiony, polski blog.

ps: Owieczko-znalazłam cię tutaj ;-))

construction-creme'de la creme'

especially I love Christopher Kane,
but Stella, McQueen, Jackobs
but Sonia Rykiel...

never enough;-)) but fasion is art, and it's so many things to inspire!