something about me-part 1.

list of things that I like do of my own:
- to eat small snacks on the party, especially sweet
- spend my time with my computer in shopping moll, looking for new things on blogs, drink large coffee with khalua & vanilla ice cream
- looking for new jewellery on sale
- looking and try on new shoes that I never buy
- looking for new glasses and buy them, even 100 pair of it...


spring list

how it's possible that I love ugly shoes...?
so dream list for spring above, I think I'll start from converse shoes.



muji bag

I've just buy this bag for my all thay stuff....this is laundry bag, but...
perfectly well fit to my computer...I love those!

new in

I can't choose witch is my fav...black big necklace or white???
I buy it here...