a few pice of colour glass
it was my favourite chilhood play- kaleidoscope
I must buy it one now
nothing is like you see it- litlle move, things change
beige pleated coat witch I buy for my friend;-)) It couldn't be unnoticed
An old lady wanted to grab it from my hand
I just love go and watch new stuff, I don't need to buy it. It just serching for fun and practice.
Last week things I dont buy:
jeans studded jaket from 80', big white leather eagle coat from 80', happy laughing lady jacket inverse;-))
I love find such a thing. Also I found blenched shorts from 80'. I had 80'day.
And I started have an obsession about grey numph coat, I think I'll buy it soon.
I bought one dress-of course 80'like-post soon ;-))

new marisha pierrot shoes
optical illusion, it seems to we are close to autumn now.

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