my cardi collection
mostly hm, vintage
I love blouses from 50'
I love cardigans, it works good with everything
match great!
when I bought this numph sweater, I immediately thought about my flower blouse
favourite cardi, this is my oldest cardi - I have it for seven years now
beauty sleeves from hm ladys
I don't have photographer so you will not see me

grandma like - gold&purple from miss selfrige
click to enlarge
yes, numph cardi mmm...
marc jacobs cardi
and the one I forgot;-))


the most ugly pants

zakupy za małe pieniądze są najprzyjemniejsze!
numph pants!numph pants!my favourite dress by numph - extremly short
zawsze w bialymstoku obowiązkowe są dwa miejsca: kawiarnia kopiluwak i pyszna carbonara
oraz sklep junior max
blok czekoladowy najlepszy w całej północnej Polsce
zimno więc wódka miodowa z cytryną i gorącą wodą
warto odwiedzać białystok
new shinny ring



something for me

the acc from pixi are amazing!
ooo this bow!
bow dress
heart shape neckline...mmm


orange covered nails

intensve pink I used last summer new happy orange and lovely tuna like
aldo watch
happy hand of mine
frank user silk sequin blouse
beauty isn't she?
but isn't mine I borrowed it from my Strawberry:-))
my new extra fav - great ! collection of shitrts from zara
firt's one it's me!
the second it's You
the last it's you Gaga
I choose one for me:-)

to be in a multicolor

muliticolor polo cape source - daze digital com.
I think when you have something like THAT your day must be sunny
my fovourite cosmetic brand Lush massage heart with chockolade inside! - thx Joanna!
it's smells like...HEVEN
it's really pitty that you can buy it only in UK
glasses - I need them to survive the sunny days
they lovly!

multicolor chanel vintage scarf
flower scent make me feel sunny all the time!
I have wonderfull time to recieve many presents... thank you friends
the most beutifull edition of Daisy, I still serching for it
meaby someone want to sold empty vial ?
send me a message